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Born in 1952, the fourth child of a minister, David L. Simmons spent his first two years in Birmingham, Alabama. Then the family moved to Magnolia Springs, Alabama on the Gulf Coast, a place the family had visited many times even before his birth. At this early age, a strong affection was born for the sandy soil, long-leaf pines, and  hot, salty summer breezes of coastal Alabama. Between the age of seven and twelve he moved with his family to Shreveport, LA and Richmond, VA, but then returned home to south Alabama and has never left.From  a very early age Simmons was interested in how things worked, and in making and creating things.  He received his first oil paints on his fifth birthday on a trip to Mobile, AL at a dusty little art shop downtown.  A love of the aroma of linseed oil and turpentine has been constant since that day.After spending 5 years working his way through college, he graduated from the University of South Alabama in 1977 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with concentrations in studio painting and printmaking. During that time he won a scholarship from the Mobile Art Patrons League. After working months on his Pre-Thesis and Senior Thesis show, while being advised by Dr. James Kennedy and Lee Hoffman, he was awarded an unanimous "A" by the Thesis Committee.  Since college, Simmons has worked in many mediums including painting, colored-pencil, mixed-media, cast-paper, papermaking, book-binding, sculpture, and even designing and building furniture.  For many he is known for his masterful serigraphs with as many as 80 screens and over 140 colors; one of only a few to use the "relief print  transfer" method in his work. He is also known for his cast-paper reliefs developed by the artist and called "Mixoglyphs" to represent this unique new medium.